Junior doctors' strike is a 'justice issue'

Junior doctors' strike is a 'justice issue'
Apr 2023

Junior doctors' strike is a 'justice issue'

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A Christian woman struggling with chronic health conditions has spoken about her "anxiety" during the NHS walkouts, but also why she believes the strikes are a "justice issue" that "God cares deeply about".

Junior doctors have been striking over pay and conditions, with an estimated quarter of a million appointments and operations at risk of cancellation.

Sophie Sanders, marketing executive at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC), said that the uncertainty around appointments and medical care had left her feeling fearful and "frustrated".

"For people living with chronic health conditions - people like me - the recent run of NHS walkouts has been a deeply anxiety-provoking time," she said.

However, she said it was important to respond in a Christ-like way and give thanks for the NHS and its workers.

Even though she is affected by the walkouts, she also expressed sympathy for the junior doctors who have decided to strike and has written to her MP to ask him to protect NHS workers.

"I've begun to think about the strikes as a justice issue - something God cares deeply about, and I can respond to in real, tangible terms," she said.

"Doctors are striking because their pay has not kept up with inflation, and they consider their working conditions to be unsustainable.

"Put simply, they're fighting for justice - and the Lord loves justice.

"So, I've championed their concerns by writing to my MP, asking him to join me in fighting to protect the people who make up the NHS which, by God's grace, is one of the best healthcare systems in the world - and made of people who have saved my life, on more than one occasion."